What is AtlasZone?

AtlasZone is a neuromuscular massage technique that focuses on the short muscles of the neck - the suboccipital muscles - that surround and stabilize the head joints (base of the skull, atlas and axis vertebras).

After the vibrational massage of the short neck muscles, the atlas can move into its natural position.

This is a revolutionary method that successfully aligns the atlas vertebra without cracking the neck, rough handling or traction, in a once in a lifetime treatment plus follow up. .

The release of muscular tension in the neck through massage, corrects ligamentous and muscular compression on the atlas vertebra, producing a positive effect on the body and stimulating the healing capacity.

Is the upper cervical care treatment application safe?

The AtlasZone treatment does not pose any health risk, because the mechanical vibration is tailored to each individual and works without any manipulation or direct contact to the atlas vertebra.

The neuromuscular massage is only applied to the short muscles of the neck in order to let the atlas move into its natural position. With releasing fascia in the cervical part of the body we help the reposition other vertebrae along the spinal column. Also, treatment includes aligning the hips and the legs.

How much time does the treatment take?

The treatment consists of two scheduled appointments:
First appointment (60/ 90 minutes)
  • Informative conversation
  • Completion of medical form
  • Assessment
  • Application of AtlasZone treatment,
  • realigned the shoulder, hips and legs.
First follow-up appointment (60 minutes) – one month after treatment
  • Review of changes since treatment
  • Special back massage
Second follow-up appointment – if necessary
  • Review of changes since treatment
  • Special back massage

How much does the treatment cost?

The price for the the AtlasZone treatment includes the two follow up appointments:

  • €260 for adults
  • €180 for children under the age of 12

Payment is due on the day of the treatment.

Advice on side effects

Can I expect any negative reactions?

Those considering treatment may be concerned about possible reactions after the treatment, either immediately or over a longer period of time.

Post-treatment effects are individual and self-healing processes manifest themselves in different forms.


Body cells and organs do not regenerate overnight. Likewise, the restoration of skeleton balance and posture improves gradually. Following the uper cervical care AtlasZone Wellness treatment, it is possible that you will experience a variety of responses, all of which indicate self-healing has begun.

These may include tiredness and muscle tension around the neck and lumbar region. You may experience mild versions of past ailments, which have not completely healed. They can present themselves temporarily and in a different way..

We recommend you observe your body carefully and write down changes in the way you feel. Support the self-healing process with regular back and neck massages as well as relaxing baths.

A lot of clients do report significant improvements and the bigger range of variate different movement

For this reason, the Atlas correction shall be seen as a preventive measure and be checked and adjusted in children, even if they do not yet appear as having any issues.

Who is the treatment for?

The treatment is beneficial for everyone – from children to the elderly – including individuals who have suffered significant trauma, are wheelchair-bound, have MS (Multiple sclerosis), epilepsy, etc.

For people whose conditions aren’t solvable, the treatment has in many cases shown to greatly improve the quality of life, by giving these individuals increased mobility, less pain, a clearer mind etc.