Marteen Klatte MD from London (UK) on his impressions.

” In more than 80% of the patients I referred, had positive feedback, and no negative feedback at all. I view the therapy as safe and will continue to refer to patients”.

The treatment really tells about what it offers.

Doctors share their Atlas Zone experience

Dr. Steve Hajioff Private GP He has had back and neck pain my whole adult life.

Dr. Francesco explains how this method is very unique.

Dr. Andre Hedger Dentist special interest in TMJ disfunction.

The best part my and my wife live that we had the opportunity to have a non-invasive vibro-pressure process applied to the sub-occipital area., says Barrie Savory DO Osteopath Former Principal of The European School of Osteopathy who felt amazing instantly after the treatment. He doesn't have a headache anymore and feels more energized.

Dr. Robert Van Leeuwen For many years I do refer regularly my patients for the Atlas therapy. I notice good results with headaches, dizziness and movement restrictions of the nec.

Gerrit Jan Gerritsma MD., "Many patients I refer have tried several other methods before, but only after treatment of the upper cervical spine more lasting results occurred. Andrew Keegan Therefore, I see the effects are not placebo”.

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Atlas Zone treatment - My experience