Why is the hydrocolon so special?

  • About 68 - 70 liters of water specially filtered water for gentle rinsing of the colon, can simply and easily eliminate far more toxic waste than any other short-term technique.
  • Is the hydrocolon dangerous in any way?

  • The cleanliness and sterility of the necessary equipment is a common procedure, and clean bedding is used for each treatment. High standards and sterility of special equipment are paramount to ensure that there is no risk of cross-contamination.
  • What is the purpose of making a hydrocolon?

  • Waste material, especially that which remains for some time in the large intestine (ie damaged faeces, dead cell tissue, accumulated mucosa, parasites, worms, etc.) is a situation where we have headaches, back pain, constipation, fatigue, bad breath, body odor , irritability, confusion, skin problems, abdominal gas, bloating, diarrhea. Toxins circulate in the bloodstream making us sick, tired or weak. Waste impairs the ability of the colon to assimilate minerals and vitamins (such as vitamin K and parts of the vitamin B complex) and prevents the work of long organs.
  • Benefits of colon treatment:

  • With increased energy, it improves circulation, mental clarity, refreshes the skin and eyes (reads the liver), and much more… Improves peristaltic (contraction) activity by which the colon naturally moves material. Relieves bloating. It alters the shape of the colon - The gentle action of water, along with colon massage techniques, helps remove bulging pockets of waste and narrowed, spastic constrictions which finally allows the colon to return to its natural state. Reduces weight because it expels residual feces. Stimulates reflex points. Every system and organ of the body is connected to the colon by reflex points, the large intestine stimulates these points and thus has a beneficial effect on the relevant parts of the body. It achieves mental clarity. And even more?
  • What is colon hydrotherapy? (colon hydrotherapy)

    Is Colon Hydrotherapy Safe?

    Should I feel uncomfortable?

    Can hydrotherapy detoxify our liver as well?

    How can colon hydrotherapy help?

    What is the procedure of colon hydrotherapy?

    How do you feel after colon hydrotherapy?


  • Colon hydrotherapy is a gentle rinsing of the colon with warm water to expel clogged fecal debris, gases and mucous membranes. This allows you to retain essential nutrients effortlessly and leave you feeling revitalized and lighter.
  • The colon is troubled by all the burdens of our daily consumption habits, such as excessive consumption of animal protein, processed foods, fats and sugars.
  • Preventive treatment

  • The procedure is completely painless, on the contrary, it is a relaxing procedure. Minor discomfort may be felt while inserting the tube for a few seconds. First of all, the procedure is very clean and is carried out in a private room. The hydro-colon machine creates a closed circulation in which one should not be ashamed.
  • Absolute contraindications

  • ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease in the active phase, degenerative diseases of the heart and arteries, cancer of the intestines and rectum, fresh bleeding from the digestive tract, severe anemia, intestinal perforation, renal failure, hemorrhoids with heavy bleeding, cirrhosis, epilepsy, fissures and fistulas ), anorexia and bulimia, recent bowel surgery, abdominal hernia, pregnancy, persons under 16 years of age.
  • Relative contraindications

  • Chemotherapy • Controlled hypertension and prescription for diuretics • Debilitating heart, liver and kidney diseases that manifest pain and weakness • Diabetes - risk of hypoglycemia; in preparation for treatment • Severe anxiety, stress or emotional tension • Hypotension • Inflammatory bowel disorders in remission for at least 6 months • Severe overweight or eating disorders • Solid sphincter
  • Results

    Removing waste material from the colon literally destroys the habitat of harmful bacteria. In addition, cleansing the colon continues to act as a last resort for digestion. The immune system is strengthened, so the body becomes more protected from various health conditions such as:

    • constipation, diarrhea, irritable bowel, bloating, excessive gas, indigestion, allergies,
    • skin problems, brittle nails and hair, unusual body odor, bad breath,
    • microorganisms and parasites, back pain, stiffness, arthritis, fatigue, insomnia, poor concentration and headache.

    Preparation for colonoscopy

    During the "rinsing" beneficial bacteria are very strongly attached to the walls of the colon and it is not possible to lose them by hydrotherapy of the colon. But it is recommended to take three days of probiotics or yogurt.

    It all starts with the client lying on a comfortable therapy table. The therapist gently inserts a small disposable tube into the rectum. Each tube is used ONLY ONCE AND IS STERILE. The filtered hot water starts to flow into the HOSE with very little pressure and feces come out on the same pipe (no need to run to the toilet).

    You will feel relief after the treatment. There is a feeling of lightness and purity. In a few days, more obvious results will begin to show, such as: cleaner skin, increased energy levels and greater mental clarity. Drinking plenty of water after colon treatment increases the effects and purity.